Empowering women to move forward, feel confident and thrive in
healthcare, finance, entrepreneurship & philanthropy

Women & Healthcare

Offering a plethora of information and resources on wellness, access to healthcare, health insurance, and medicare. We help women understand their options and solve healthcare issues.

Women & Finance

Through retirement planning and financial awareness training, we empower women to thrive financially well into their golden years.

Women & Entrepreneurship

By encouraging women to grow their own businesses or start a creative endeavor, we help them create wealth, freedom, and fulfillment.

Women & Philanthropy

Women who are leaders believe in giving, sharing, and leaving a legacy, outside of themselves. Through charity events and local philanthropy, we find ways to support the world around us.

Empower, Connect, Build

The Avanti Woman is a platform dedicated to empower, connect and build women to move forward and thrive in Healthcare, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy.

We believe that successful, confident, self-sufficient women contribute to a healthier, happier, and a more prosperous and peaceful world.

What we stand for

Integrity – We honor our promises and tell the truth.

Commitment – We go the distance.

Passion – We serve with joy and enthusiasm.

Accountability – We do what we say we will.

Teamwork – We leverage the synergy of working together.

Growth – We are always learning and improving.

Trust – We look out for each other.

Welcome to our community!
We are here to support your success and provide
the resources you need to thrive.

Upcoming events

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Start: February 28, 2021 @ 3:15 am
Duration: 40 Min
Timezone: Atlantic/Azores
Location: - Zoom
Cost: $25
Meeting for webinar
Start: February 28, 2021 @ 1:32 pm
Duration: 40 Min
Timezone: Atlantic/Azores
Location: - Zoom
Cost: $12

By 2030, The Avanti Woman will empower, connect and build ten thousand women to thrive and succeed in healthcare, finance, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy

We believe the world needs more strong women who inspire and build each other up.  By providing a platform that helps women learn, grow, and connect with other successful women, we empower them and help them build the life they want.  By building up women to be successful and self-sufficient, we help build up society.

Nairy Ghazourian

As the founder of The Avanti Woman, my goal is to establish a safe and inclusive community where women can come together to enhance each other’s skills, knowledge, and character to be resilient, and self-sufficient in healthcare, finance, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and other fields.

As a proud self-empowered woman, I seek out new avenues for growth and prosperity, and am committed to inspiring and assisting other women pursue their aspirations.

Our mission is to empower diverse women through training, counseling, and inspiration to unlock their full potential. One of my inspirations in life is taken from Serena Williams, who says:

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another.

We should raise each other up. Make sure you are very courageous:

be strong, be extremely kind, and above all be humble.”

Despite facing obstacles and setbacks, I have consistently, overcome defeats through determination and commitment to success. This journey has endowed me with invaluable insights of how “the system” operates and provides me a profound appreciation for difficulties women face in various industries. My own triumphs would not have been achievable without the guidance and support of others, and I feel a sense of responsibility to pay it forward by helping others achieve their own success.

The success of The Avanti Woman is not just a dream; it is my passion and purpose. I am committed to building a strong, supportive Avanti Woman community, collaborating to empower the future; one woman at a time!

Join me in making a difference in the lives of women, everywhere.

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