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We know that the world needs more strong women who are building each other up instead of tearing each other down. The Avanti Woman offers you a place to connect with strong women who thrive while sharing each other’s success. We support each other and believe that we are destined for greatness.


We believe that education is equal to empowerment. We offer training tools, podcasts, and resources to help you gain the knowledge you need.


Connection happens through networking with like-minded women and matching you with mentors and advisors who can help you towards your goals.


Building women up is what we aim to do. Through empowering and connecting, we help you get the results you want. You will feel your sense of purpose is stronger and that you are on the right path, doing what you are meant to do.

We offer support for women to solve their financial, healthcare, and self-development challenges in four ways:

We offer support for women to solve their financial, healthcare
and self-development challenges in four ways:

Women and Healthcare

Offering a plethora of information and resources on wellness, access to healthcare, health insurance, Medicare and much more.  We help women understand their options and solve healthcare issues.

We know that the healthcare information out there is extremely confusing. The biggest healthcare dilemma is access to care.  Many people don’t know what their rights are, how to access care, how to seek care,  and how to exercise wellness and prevention.  They are confused on how to get the appropriate and affordable healthcare coverage.

This has left many women (and families) with unmanageable medical bills and insufficient coverage.  Many people are uninsured and not properly protected.

Through expert advice and resources, we aim to demystify the healthcare system and help women find solutions that work for their lifestyle.

Women and Finance

Through retirement planning and financial awareness training, we empower women to thrive financially well into their golden years.

Many women today are confused about money and how to create an empowered future.  Some women who are employed do not receive adequate benefits from their employers.  Others have no savings or long-term financial security plans.

Even more heartbreaking are those women who have relied financially on their partner but are now starting over after a divorce.

These women need support and a place that teaches them and connects them with resources to make money and invest.  Our aim is that they are not left to suffer or feel the burden of total financial loss, but instead are able to build financial security.

Women and Entrepreneurship

By encouraging women to grow their own businesses or start a creative endeavor, we help them create wealth, freedom and fulfillment.

Many women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s are looking to start their own gig, and share their creative side with the world. The world of entrepreneurship can feel lonely and disconnected, but we aim to provide a support network.

Through training and development, we help women understand their strengths and how to use them in business.


Women and Philanthropy

Women who are leaders believe in giving, sharing, and leaving a legacy, outside of themselves. Through charity events and local philanthropy, we find ways to support the world around us.

Women are the leaders in the world of philanthropy, giving, sharing, leaving a legacy, outside of ourselves.

​When we start serving others, it creates an energy shift.  By connecting women with philanthropic organizations helps us to exercise and practice the universal law of: “in giving is when we receive.”

This practice of giving and serving creates an abundance mindset and helps women achieve success in other areas of their business and personal lives. Through our service, we create a better world.


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